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Oh Sweet Lord How?!

Did I just let a year go by without posting? WTF?! I just did the Strawberry Swing in KC last weekend and it was glorious. So many people came by and said they missed me or that they were hoping for Foxy Hardware. It was so lovely to hear and to see them choose another special piece. Thank you, Kansas City, for welcoming me back.

I am not sure where the next show will be, but I do know I will be back in KC for the Swing next spring. Please come see me then (or before another year goes by!). If you didn't get a chance, hit me up at and I would be happy to make you a special piece or do a custom viewing of the in-stock pieces.

Speaking of which...I will do a virtual trunk show. All you have to do is ask. I love doing those!! I am off to work on a few wedding pieces but I promise not to wait another year. Stay Foxy!

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