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I love making custom jewelry. I imagine the moment when you put it around your neck, placing the beads just so, some dipping just above that sexy valley. I imagine how you slide the hooks into your ears as you hold your hair back, feeling the gentle sway of the beads against your neck. You stand back and look and you feel...good. Good doesn't get used enough. It is good to feel happy, to feel sexy, to feel adorned, cherished, pleased.

While I decided to end the grind of the weekend shows, I still offer trunk shows, some retail, and custom jewelry parties with some existing inventory. Yes, I will travel. And, no, you won't find anything like it.

I remember almost every piece I have made. If I made something for you...thank you. You allow me to create beauty because it has a place to go. You know where to find me:

Check out some new things I have made and some that I have kept for myself. Lampshades are VERY useful. And that big gorgeous abstract beaded piece found a home. I still love her.

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