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Hello My Queens

I love making Foxy Hardware. It gives me joy and keeps me busy...and I love when someone else loves what I do. Seeing you fall in love with a piece gives me a tickle in my tummy and for just a second I kind of have a crush on you.

I have been saying for awhile that I need to focus the business side of things. So I will. Here is my solumn vow to you, my queens. I will start having a few select pieces available to purchase on my site and an occasional flash sale on Instagram (foxyhardware). Special orders always welcome. I am also going to get Foxy placed in a few more retail spots.

Currently Foxy Hardware is available at a few shows a year, purchase in person (yessss! I can come to you or you to me) and at Nomads in Downtown Lawrence and Tooter & Tillayes in North Lawrence.

Everyone who subscribes to this blog or who follows me on IG will be given a coupon code as soon as I have those links up and running. Who can resist a coupon?! It is really a thank you to my Foxy fans and loyal clients. Because without you I would be a hoarder with thousands of pieces of jewelry in my home, in debt for beads and family who couldn't get in the door.

I love you all. Please remember to smile today. Put on something shiny and smile.

Foxy Hardware, Boho, Jewelry, Bohemian, Bohoglam, Handmade, Bohostyle, Sarah Stalker, Minimialist, style, gold, silver, necklace, earrings, fringe, beaded, seedbead

#jewelry #handmade #handcrafted #boho #boholuxe #bohemian #bohoglam #bohostyle #necklace #earrings #gold #silver #beaded #mala #seedbead #seedbeads #gypsy #glam

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