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Experience the Power of Nature on Your Skin

all natural oils for every body

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What is Foxy Chick Stuff?

FOXYCHICKSTUFF is all about nature doing its thing. Prickly Pear and Squalane are center stage for all skin treatment oils. But our smells...holy sh**. Each product is scented with a unique blend of essential oils. The oils in our face serums treat and moisturize all skin types. Oily Just trust. 

The FOXYCHICKSTUFF scents are sublime, to-die-for, ridiculous. You may get stopped in the street to find out the scent. Warm, Woodsy, Spicy, or Fresh. You decide. Pricing for scents is below the I'M RATHER AMAZING FACE OILS. 

we make you look and smell divine

I'm Rather Amazing Face Oil
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The best skin oil ever made. It will make you glow, hydrate, smooth, clear. See a proven difference immediately. 

>>>>>>> Large 10 ML Roller in Black Glass <<<<<<<

One Month Supply - TRY IT FOR $20! Regularly $35!



Also Available:

1 oz dropper - $75


Prickly Pear, Squalane, Almond Oil, Vegan Castor Oil, Turmeric, Coffee Extract, Essential Oils.

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I Smell Foxy 

These! Think about what you love. Can you smell it?

Put them straight on your skin for all day amazingness. Add to oils or lotions to smell good in every crevice.

Our All-Inclusive Scents are about YOU and what you like, love, want to smell like. Dudes, Chicks, All the People.

I Smell Foxy

The FRESH - Bright | Sunny | Happy | Citrus -  Lavender, Tangerine, Vetiver, an itty bitty hint of Spice, a glimmer of Mint, a tiny tiny drop of Floral, a wee bit of Sweet Melissa.

The WOODSY - Rich | Warm | Woody | Sexy - Pine, Cedarwood, a bloop of Patchouli, a glimmer of Mint, a hint of Sandalwood, a dusting of Musk.

The SPICY - Deep | Spice | Warm | Cozy - Clove, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Allspice, a bloop of Patchouli, a glimmer of mint, a drop of Tuberose, a dusting of Musk, a miniscule bit of coffee extract.

The FLORAL - Bright | Floral | Heady | Low to High Notes - Lavender, Pikaki, Tuberose, Rose, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, lilac, a wee dollop of Tangerine, a dusting of Musk.

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10 ml Roller Bottle | $35

Fresh, Woodsy, Spicy, Floral


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